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Thanks to the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we have conveniently allowed everything else to take priority in our lives except ourselves. Late nights, early mornings, our family responsibilities, work schedules, juggling between professional and personal commitments – you know the drill! Amidst our rigid schedule, we forget to live. We forget that our body should be our foremost priority. Crucially, we forget the importance of a good night's sleep, our mental peace, and our happiness. Our daily struggles eventually leave a mark on our faces. Wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, pimples, and acne – we have a million reasons to take care of our skin, but somehow we postpone it until it is too late. It is now time to put ourselves first. It's time we make taking care of our well-being, health, and fitness our top priority. At The Rolling Concept, we are here to help you take your first step towards personal wellness in the most natural way possible! Above all, we believe self-care is beautiful.

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we are one
of you

- sujata Founder,
The Rolling Concept

about our products

The Rolling Concept doesn’t want to change you but wants to help you build a healthy connection with your inner beauty. We came together to replenish your facial care routine with the tools and natural essences that it requires. So shine on bright like a diamond and fall more in love with yourself.

100% Natural

Toxin free

Cruelty free

For All Humans

why choose us?

We have given tremendous thought while curating our products. Due to the exceedingly high beauty standards established on social platforms and in the glamour world, we seem to have lost out on the very essence of skincare and beauty. As per the current notion, you’d think that beauty has to be super expensive and enriched with a host of predominantly unheard-of chemicals. We are here to shatter this myth and introduce you to simplified, natural, and holistic beauty. Our gently formulated products are full of all-natural ingredients, derived right from the sources that our grandmothers told us about. They are free of harsh chemicals. Furthermore, they are cruelty-free and inclusive – there’s something for everyone. We care for you and our planet. Hence, you can rely on us to deliver nothing but the best!


For every extraordinary skincare product you shop, we plant a healthy green plant to make our earth as beautiful as you.